This is where you can down load a PDF file for the specific SIDE KX product you wish to install.  Here are some installation videos   from my great users.

Should you have any concerns or problems with the installation of the Side KX products please use our CONTACT page and let me know what you need.  This should be done prior to contacting Elecraft for any service related to the use and installation of these products.  

Until I can get the instructions posted for the MOUNTS  (KX2 KX3 and  PX3) To install the radio into the mount, just put one side of the radio into the mount tabs with holes first then push down on the other side, causing the mount tab(s) with the hole(s) to capture the knurled nut of the radio.  To remove you use your thumb to push between the radio and mount tab with a slight rolling motion, this will lift the plastic tab and you can push it off of the mounting nut.   These mounts are made from Poly-carbonate and are very durable and able to be flexed without shattering or fear of braking the tab off.

KX2  End Panel Installation 

KX2 Heat Sink Installation

KX3 End Panel Installation

PX3 End Panel Installation

How to use the KX3 & PX3 Cover!

How to use the KX2 Cover!

KX2 End Panel Installation

Installation of KX3 Side Panels Part 1

Installation of KX3 Side Panels Part 2