K3/K3s & P3 Combo Side KX Panels


These replacement end panels are for the K-line K3 or K3s and P3!

Must be shipped in Medium USPS Flat Rate Box

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Here is the NEW K-Line of replacement side panels now available for the K3/K3s, and the P3. These have been designed to provide enhanced protection for both the front panel and the rear panel of this equipment. They are heat treated Aluminum for durability and less weight. Each part is powder coated to the same finish as the factory Elecraft parts.

The front has the D-Handle much like rack mounted equipment. This allows the user a handle to move the equipment and provides some protection from large items coming in contact with the display, buttons and knobs.

These side panels also protrude past the back of the equipment to protect the connection ports. In fact, with no connections plugged in you can stand the equipment up and rest it on these protruding side panels.

To install these, you simply remove the existing side panels and reuse the factory hardware, including the feet and carry handle. You then reinstall the new Side KX panels. I was able to swap out K3 Parts in about six minutes for the first attempt. The P3 was even quicker!

I am now working on the KPA500 Amp side panels as well as a set for the Tuner!

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