The SIDE KX story:

I am Scott AK6Q and I grew up in Colorado, the heart of the Rockies with 54 14,000 foot peaks.  My passion is the great outdoors, I much prefer to be on a mountain than in the city.   I am active as a SOTA Activator and use my Elecraft Radios as they were intended, to get outdoors!

This site is about my original and innovative SIDE KX accessories for your Elecraft radios.  My backpacking experiences have driven me to design and bring to life practical products with a minimalist approach. When the KX3 came out, I saw as many have, the need for additional protection. I started off like many and put the KX3 in a box, but this was heavy and bulky.  My goal was to make the KX3 more pack friendly.  I began with the development of replacement side panels for the KX3 for roll over protection.  I then developed a Poly-carbonate cover that would snap in place and be ready to pack with no additional protection needed for this great radio.  I also did the same thing for  the delicate display on the PX3,  Now the KX3 Line is seamlessly integrated and more importantly PROTECTED.  Now with the even more portable KX2 I have the same protection.  I  have also now created new side panels for the full sized K-Line!

I strive to keep with the ‘Top Shelf Quality’ that Eric and Wayne have set as the standard for Elecraft.  All of my parts are made in the USA.


The perfect solution for Elecraft radios!